Check the blackboard on arrival for today’s selection – If you’re undecided you can always ask for a taster


Hop Fuzz              Hythe                   Fallout                  3.6%      Delicate, hoppy

Kent                      Birling                   Session Pale       3.7%      Pale, aromatic & hoppy

Whitstable          Grafty Green         Kent Coast          3.7%      Light, amber & citrussy

Wantsum            Canterbury            1381                      3.8%      Amber, herby & citrussy

Holler Boys         Uckfield                 Cheat Mode        3.8%      American hop pale

Whitstable          Grafty Green         Native                  3.8%      Copper, dry bitter

Wantsum            Canterbury           Montgomery       4.0%      Amber spice & citrus

Hop Fuzz             Hythe                   Goldsmith           4.0%      Golden, citrus & hoppy

Wantsum            Canterbury          Hoppy Bunny     4.1%      Pale & hoppy

Whitstable          Grafty Green       Mosaic                  4.4%      Pale, single hopped

Holler Boys         Uckfield               Fog Cutter           4.5%      Pale, citrus & piney

Pig&Porter          T’bridge Wells    Slash the Violin 4.5%       Pale, hoppy APA

Wantsum            Canterbury           Black Pig Porter 4.8%      Dark chocolatey & smoky

Hop Fuzz              Hythe                   Bullion Bomb     5.0%      Light hoppy pale

Whitstable          Grafty Green       Kentish Reserve   5.0%      Amber,  fruity & rich

Pig & Porter        T’bridge Wells    Elusive Pig           5.7%      Black IPA


Hunts                    Sedlescombe          Hairy Pig  500ml     4.5%      Medium

Hunts                    Sedlescombe            Hornet Dry   500ml 4.5%      Dry

Westons                                                  Old Rosie        7.3%      Classic

Biddenden Vineyard      Mixed            8.0%      Clearly deceptive

Please drink responsibly